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Women in Good Company™️ is a place where personalities mingle with possibility, allowing you to let go of what doesn’t serve you to fill your cup with discovery, connection, and true, unbridled joy.

At Women in Good Company, we’ll help you to STOP pursuing things you no longer want and CREATE a life you love while elevating your leader within and having more fun.


Join us for the most inclusive female empowerment experience!

If you’ve ever asked… 


● Where can I meet LIKE-MINDED female leaders and friends who will inspire me?

● How can I find experiences as UNIQUE as the company around me?

● How can I find MORE JOY and reinvent my social life?

● Where can I get transformational personal development that’s also FUN?

 Where can I go to join forces and GIVE back with a grateful and gracious heart?

● When is it MY TURN to be a priority and start living a life I choose and love?




 Where can I go to meet the interesting and the interested where chance encounters lead to meaningful connections and collaborations?



Women in Good Company is the place for you.

Become a member of the premier and most inclusive social club + personal development community you didn't know you needed.

Be a part of our EXPERIENCES and APPLY

Introducing Women in Good Company

The global online + in-person social club creating custom experiences to help foster connection and redefine the meaning of community. 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa Christine on several occasions through the former 28 Carrots organization. She has a wonderful aptitude for bringing people of diverse backgrounds together and facilitating positive discussion and networking opportunities that result in both personal and professional connections.

She clearly has strengths in the areas of organization and communication, as well as fantastic follow up. She is committed to ensuring everyone feels that their participation results in worthwhile takeaways."

- Sheila T.

"Lisa Christine is a creative and results-driven professional. Through  the former 28 Carrots organization, she has connected women from all over the north Boston region, encouraging and inspiring them to be their personal best. I have had the pleasure of seeing her in action, and she is mission driven, and passionate about providing value to all members.

Any organization that can harness Lisa’s energy will surely succeed in achieving their goals."

- Tracey C.

"Lisa Christine is a powerhouse and was a huge asset to  the former 28 Carrots! In a few short months, she has consistently built its membership, brought in high-caliber presenters, negotiated strategic alliances with local restaurants for the events, and created a must-attend local networking organization. Her business building and her connecting, marketing and sponsorship skills are impressive. We are lucky to have her as the Founder of this group!"

- Alice G.

Our Community

At Women in Good Company, we are here to make a difference and to passionately engage and make an impact. We meet each other where we are, and for who we are.  We are like-minded, but each uniquely different.


We make ourselves a priority so we can have time for more discovery, more joy, and more fun as we transform and become who we were meant to be. 


We create bespoke experiences infused with art, history, music, and sumptuous culinary delight. They transcend traditional means of networking and expand beyond expectations. Our custom experiences are designed to foster interesting connections.


And we put the same effort into curating our membership.

We invite those with inspired aspirations who are culturally curious, and boast a restless and relentless spirit to join us!

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Our Story 

In 2016, the 28 Carrots Community was born out of Downtown Women Connections as an in-person membership enabling local New England female entrepreneurs to gather for peer mentoring, networking connections, coaching, camarderie, and for some… reigniting their mojo. 


They truly stepped up in their leadership power through inspiration and motivation (and a lot of laughter and tears).


“Lisa has a knack for bringing strong, intelligent, and motivated women together to empower each other; both in business and in life. She has created a culture of collaboration without competition and it works! I've been to a few  of the former 28 Carrots events and always was impressed. The evening to support Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center surpassed all expectations! I look forward to future collaborations.

Janelle C.

And now,

Our vibe is different.

It’s a friendship and mentorship culture. 

In 2022 and 2023, it’s time to take this to the next level with a game-changing Global Membership! Women in corporate positions, philanthropists, scientists, celebrities, artists, chefs, engineers, next chapter seekers, moms, creatives, and female entrepreneur business owners from all backgrounds want to be part of the contagious enthusiasm… and we get why!

Create. Play. Lead.

Come and have a seat at our table for genuine connections with other incredible women like yourself who seek growth opportunities, unlimited possibilities, and inspiring conversations.


Women in Good Company will empower  you and grant you more freedom to Create, Play, and Lead. 


It’s YOUR time to discover who you really are, and pursue all the possibilities. It’s OUR time to step up. We're here to make a difference, to passionately engage, and to make an impact while having fun.

By 2028, Women in Good Company aspires to help at least 10,000 women globally to elevate their leadership and life.

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Join Our Social Club + Community


 + We love connections, inspiration, and camarderie
We believe we should make ourselves a priority
+ We believe in collaboration over competition
+ We believe in personal development and growth
+ We believe in inspiring each other 
+ We believe in being creative and having more time for play and fun
+ And so much more…  simply too long to list in one place!  
* We make it easy for you to access the entire global collective and social club community right at your fingertips via our connecton APP on your phone.


Most social club memberships start at $3,500 a year ...



Women in Good Company™ is the go-to space to experience inspiration, friendship, and powerful leadership energy in a place where members will be seen and heard, learn and grow, and socialize with others across the globe. 


Starting at ONLY $57/month


Join us as a Founding Member!



What a wonderful group of interesting and talented women! I have gotten a lot out of each event I have attended. Lisa Christine Summerville has done an outstanding job as a leader, crafting meetings that are informative, fun and very conducive to networking and camaraderie. She’s a very dynamic and motivating speaker who adds that extra effort and sparkle that consistently produces great meetings and experiences. You should join!

- Connie R.

"So inspiring to see, hear, and FEEL so much serious intent and intelligence in all these women! A sterling gathering of intensely energized women — all in one room — articulating a sense of purpose that carried me through the rest of the night!! Joined  the former 28 Carrots organization and am looking forward to wearing the bracelet I received as a gift. Lisa was a most charming hostess and held the empowering ambiance of the evening with diplomacy and grace!"

- Susan W. F.

"The 28 Carrots networking event at Ceia in Newburyport was full of vibrant female energy and was phenomenal!  It was very inspiring to have such successful women entrepreneurs come together in one room to discuss trials and tribulations and share visions."

- Ashley M.

“I love being part of this powerful group of women entrepreneurs. We all need connection and so many of us have amazing talent and incredible gifts to give. I love the events; I love the vibe of being with empowered women who dare to step out and create our lives as we whole-heartedly desire! My work as a coach is dedicated to empowering women, so I fit right in! So, looking forward to growing and helping others create amazing businesses.

Monica D.

There’s ONE thing to keep in mind

This invitation is LIMITED to invitees who have a compelling story to tell, are ready to reimagine their social life, redefine their power, and are just a wee bit curious about designing a life they love.


Frequently Asked Questions


Meet our FOUNDER, Lisa Christine


One of the funniest motivational speakers you’ll ever have the pleasure of listening to, Lisa brings her zest for life and love for helping others to everything she does. (And she does a lot.)


But who is she?


A born-and-raised Pittsburgh girl turned Massachusetts sea-lover who craves the wind in her hair and sand in her toes as often as possible. Weekends are spent with her precious pup, "Jack Henri", enjoying time with friends, hanging at the beach, or flying through the breeze in her VW convertible or on her sailboat, “Miss Mooring Glory”. Lisa loves the life she’s designed and her beautiful home on Plum Island in the historic and quaint city of Newburyport.


Women in Good Company: is all about possibility and having more fun!


Lisa is passionate about showing women how to find their strongest leader within, and become powerful visionaries, thought leaders, new executive leaders, innovators,  next-level entrepreneurs, paradigm shifters, creators?  or anyone walking in their greatness is for the greater good.


All of which shows in her lively coaching, humorous stage speaking, and mindset training that has the ability to embolden or that can embolden and inspire great power.


One of Lisa’s biggest values includes giving back to the community. Between herself and 28 Carrots, she’s donated over $6,400 to empower women and end domestic violence by supporting the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center.


You’ll love hanging out with Lisa Christine and her friends, whose mission is to empower, motivate, educate and create so that they can give back generously while helping people like you to truly enjoy a life you LOVE!

You will meet some terrific professional businesswomen who will offer, and are willing to exchange creative ideas and expertise in their niches. You will also benefit from some excellent speakers who will offer your business and life a new approach to the marketplace."

- Liz V.

"If you could bottle and sell the energy that was in the room at the lovely 28 Carrots event, we’d be millionaires, times ten! Lisa, thanks for the invitation and link-up.  Your event was amazing and you’re quite the motivator!

- Marge D.

"Lisa is a great leader and motivator for businesswomen. She organizes interesting and fun events that help members with their skills, but also bring us together for mentoring. She is a great supporter and advocate for women’s entrepreneurship."

 - Jennifer J.

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