5-day FREE Masterclass

MARCH 20TH 2023 - MARCH 24th, 2023

1 p.m. - 2 p.m. EST (join us for one fabulous hour each day)

It’s TIME to welcome in peace, wild abundance, and unlock your highest potential! 

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Join this 5-day Masterclass and learn how to:

Set INTENTIONS and cast your VISION with CLARITY

You are the architect of your dreams.  Having clarity around your vision will serve as the blueprint for you to build the life you’ve always wanted. What do your REALLY want?

Align your core VALUES and develop ACTION words to guide your day-to-day life

A personal code of conduct helps you understand who you want to be, what you will allow into your life, and how you will positively influence those around you.

Strengthen your CONFIDENCE and learn to set BOUNDARIES

By focusing on the way you want to impact the world and attracting people who share the same values, you will be able to face every decision with calm, resolve, and perspective.  By setting good boundaries, you will be able to free  up your time to focus on what is most important.

Reset your MINDSET to embrace PROSPERITY and HAPPINESS

We want you to have the freedom to play, create, and lead.  Each of us occasionally needs a mindset reset to worry less, quiet anxiety, and to get rid of our limiting beliefs.  In doing this, we are able to build a more positive and happier mind filled with joy, hope and prosperity.


Lisa Christine has been featured in... 

What Women Say... 

Melinda Abbott, President
Abbott & Company

"Lisa has a contagious, magnetic energy and upbeat persona that attracted me to her and her company, 28 Carrots. She continues to build an impressive community and platform for women entrepreneurs which is commendable. Through events, workshops and her coaching, she creates opportunities for women to connect and be empowered. Highly recommend Lisa Christine!"

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You will walk away from this 

5-Day MASTERCLASS with YOUR very own PROSPERITY FORMULA, a personalized mission statement, and a guaranteed direction that lights YOU up to create, play, and lead.

Wild Abundance is waiting for you and all you have to do is show up and claim it. 


Yes, it's finally YOUR time to have it all --- to show up in the world and make an impact with a renewed sense of energy and gratitude AND a fresh opportunity to play with your passions and live your purpose.


What Women Say...

Linda Simpson, Founder, Imagination Network + Smart Mats Studio

"Lisa Christine is an inspiring coach and a dynamic motivational speaker. When she speaks, she exudes a vibrant energy and the room is filled with a passion that can easily be felt. She is also exceptional at networking, sales, and orchestrating unique events and curated experiences. If you are seeking a high-spirited strategic coach or consultant, Lisa Christine is the one who can help author your plan. Highly recommend!"


Because if you are, I am ready to walk side-by-side with you and show you how.

YES, I'm ready to unlock my potential
What Women Say: Watch and listen to Nicole Lynn Morton of Seek, Serve, Grow

What Women Say...

Barb Cullen, Keller Williams Realty.

"I participated in the Fall 5-day Masterclass and I was so impressed by Lisa Christine's generosity! I met Lisa at an event years ago, but to have this 1:1 time with her and the rest of the group interacting was extremely valuable.  Lisa was funny, caring, insightful, curious and supportive.  I love her personal mission to support the success of women and those with businesses through personal growth. I highly recommend her as a consultant or coach!" 

What Women Say...

Joy Smith, Joy of Birth & Rowley Reiki.

"I took this masterclass to help me advance my business. What I didn’t expect was that the great advice and lessons I learned were applicable to my personal life too. I now carry myself with more confidence.  During the class, I was able to gain insight through the teaching and homework and learn about some of my roadblocks.  I am excited to continue to work with Lisa Christine as my coach.  My personal mission is to encourage, educate, and motivate young families so that they feel valued, supported and empowered.  If I can help you or someone you know, please feel free to reach out!"

What Women Say...

Leah Hill, Author & Healer

“I highly recommend the Ignite Your Prosperity class! The insights and practical tools I learned have helped me shift my mindset and take action towards achieving my professional and financial goals!"

Meet your Leadership Coach, Lifestyle Catalyst & Teacher, Lisa Christine 

Lisa Christine Summerville has over 25 years of corporate experience and 20 years as successful entrepreneur, Lifestyle Catalyst + Leadership Coach.  Her personal mission is to empower, motivate, educate and create while serving others so that she can give back generously.  

She is the Founder and CEO of Women In Good Company and Lisa Christine Coaching & Speaking as well 28 Carrots and Bateau Ventures LLC.

She is a foodie, sailoress and literally captain of her own ship.  She loves the beach and anytime she can get on the water to sail on  her boat, "Miss Mooring Glory".  She is also a doggie mom to her adorable puppy, "Jack Henri", and they live on an island in Newburyport, Massachusetts.


I have created the life I love.  Let me help you live your TRUEST authentic self, easily achieve MASSIVE results, and Ignite your PROSPERITY!

This will be an awesome community and we will learn together, virtually, over ZOOM. This content is valued at over $1,600. You are worth it and I can't wait to get to know you better.  Invite a friend and let's do this together! 

Our team loves helping women to build confidence, gain clarity, and elevate their leadership so that they can ask for what they want and get it!  We also love helping you to unlock your potential and to create a life you love!