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Join us for "A Victorian Love Affair" featuring an evening to include savory and succulent food, carefully selected wines, a roaring fire, decor and music all inspired from Portugal. Amor, amor e mais amor!


Saturday, March 4th, 2023 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


Our hosts, Barry and Linda Simpson, are graciously sharing their lovely and stately 1884 Queen Anne Victorian home in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

We welcome both men and women to attend this experience.

Members $150pp    Non Members $195pp


A portion of all net proceeds will go directly to Sweet Paws Rescue which offers both cat and dog adoption saving people one animal at a time.

More about the Simpson's home...

 The home was originally built by John Poyen who founded a leading carriage parts business in Amesbury, ironically the place where one of the first electric cars was built and still survives.

The Queen Anne Victorian home has historical significance as it is filled with decorative ceramic and cast iron fireplaces, wonderful examples of marquetry, and extraordinary woven and scrolled woodwork, a butler pantry with a running copper sink, and the original cast iron stove in the kitchen.  The heavy mahogany entrance is accessorized by a pull-out then the doorknob doorbell (not unlike that pictured on the Adams family door).  Inside you will find scrolled golden Victorian linoleum that resembles anaglypta paper developed in the 1900s.  The original oil lamp and fixturing greet you when you first arrive and then you enter into an impressive foyer where there is a roaring fireplace to warm you, an ornate staircase and a series of pocket doors inviting you into the various chandelier-lit sumptuous rooms filled with antiques and period accessories from the Simpson’s travels.

A grand purple beech tree presides in the garden, cradling a fringed hammock as it overlooks their  private outdoor retreat despite being so close to town.  Birds fill the air from spring to the winter months, dipping in and out of their rocky stream into a small goldfish pond. The Simpsons often like to sit hidden in their gazebo watching this dizzy dance of birds and butterflies so missed during these wintery, cozy long days.  Winter here is loved here though, cozy and rich with Chauncey warm by their sides, glass of port in hand, a crackling fire, and Mozart to accompany them.


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Meet our hosts, Barry and Linda Simpson

They are an exciting blended couple, American and British,  who have extensively traveled throughout the world for both business and pleasure.   They met on one of their business trips returning home from the Far East after Linda fell asleep on Barry’s shoulder. 

Linda has worked designing and developing products for Bloomingdales and others in 26 countries. She loves adventure and discovering artisans to license and build brands around.  Both Barry and Linda, being entrepreneurs, have had their own companies for the past 15 years.  Barry’s focus has been on international HR systems and conducting outplacement for high-level executives. 

Recently, they have launched a curated travel site, British Travel By Design, for discerning travelers that appreciate gourmet food, private fly-fishing sojourns, antiquing with historians, attending Glyndebourne, and particular exclusive Garden parties with known herbalists and celebrated gardners.

They also enjoy living in their beautiful Victorian home built in 1866 and spending time with their beloved English Springer Spaniel, "Chauncey".

We thank them, in advance, for their hospitality.

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Meet our culinary team: Chef Tony Valle & Rosa Neto Peguero from Oh Jolie Catering + special guest, Rosa's mom, Celeste, who will be here visiting from Portugal and will help in preparing the authentic portugese fare we will enjoy.



Chef Tony Valle is originally from El Salvador and has over 25 years of culinary experience as a Chef.  He loves to explore different cuisines and often creates his own dishes with unique flavors and has been with Oh Jolie for over 4 years.

Rosa (a common girl's name in Portgual and so lovely for our February affair) was born in northern Portugal and lived in Soajo.  She then lived in France for several years before moving to America.  Her parents still live there and she returns home often to visit.

One of her favorite memories from growing up was being in the kitchen with her Mother cooking.  Her Mother taught her so much and she considers her  to be the expert.  We will  be well taken care of since her mom, Celeste, will be visiting for a month.  Rosa's favorite portugese food is the grilled octopus which we are pleased we will be sharing with you!

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Oh Jolie Catering

What attendees are saying...

“The Autumn Farmhouse experience  was held at a spectacular venue for meeting other like-minded women and men.  The conversations were enriching, inspiring and fun. The nosh was a foodie's delight and the evening exceeded my expectations!"

~ Ann Klein

“I was more than happy to attend this launch experience at the Ipswich farmhouse.  It was a wonderful mixed crowd and peope were very engaging and very interesting with their stories of their businesses and hobbies."

~ Brad Bradshaw


"BRAVO for a terrific evening!"

~ Diane Yarrow


"The event felt both intimate and well-crafted. The best part was that everyone mingled and got a chance to meet a diverse group of interesting and successful people, while indulging in delicious food in a gracious home. One of the best dinner parties I have ever been to - it exceeded my expectations times 10!  

~ Jill Christians


Meet our Founder & Experience Producer,

Lisa Christine

As your Founder of Women In Good Company™️, I will share that I created  this community and private social club to have amazing connection experiences, to have more fun, and to meet and socialize with an interesting crowd while enjoying sumptuous food, wine, music, art, history and camaraderie. The membership community is collectively curated and uniquely influential and we enjoy giving back generously.

I have worked in the corporate world in sales, strategy and partnerships with companies and institutions such as IBM, AT&T, and MIT but what I enjoy the most is being able to create, play, and lead as an entrepreneur.  I also love coaching my clients as an executive coach, success mentor and lifestyle catalyst. Oh, and I'm a foodie, sailoress and doggie mama!

I am beyond excited to bring you this Portugese theme inspired evening!!!

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We are thrilled to have you join us for this beautiful February 11th experience, "A Victorian Love Affair" featuring food, wines, special party punch, mocktails, decor and music from Portugal. Tickets are limited as we are in a private home and our October launch experience sold out quickly.

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Ate breve meus amigos!




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