The Leader Within Group Coaching Mastermind

You know you're here for bigger and better things, right? You have a difference to make and a purpose to live. Navigate your life and business journey with clarity and confidence and create the life you love. 


Work with Lisa Christine for your most transformational empowerment and leadership experience.

This signature coaching experience is designed to help you create the life you love.


Because you've already accomplished so much, I know that you’re an unstoppable, creative, driven woman who is very, very busy. You know how to go after what you want, and people like to be around you. You may be an entrepreneurial mom,  Founder, a corporate leader, a career-changer or next chapter seeker. You may even be retired. 

One thing we know for sure is that you are a high powered woman. You are very avant-garde with your ideas to mobilize and manage.

But, I bet you’re craving a life filled with more joy, less stress, and more time for YOU!

Now, I have three questions:

  • Are you a tenacious female trailblazer?
  • Are you ready to bedazzle the world with unrivaled clarity and confidence?
  • Are you ready to unleash your potential and bring forth that courageous fortitude from within?

Imagine if ...

You could work directly with a Success Mentor and a supportive group of like-minded women surrounding you who are all on the same mission as you to dismantle limiting beliefs, unapolegetically claim who they really are, and imagine and welcome in abundance, peace, and a leadership mindset. 

Imagine if ...

You could penetrate imaginary barriers, take quantum leaps forward, and achieve dynamic breakthroughs.

Imagine if ...

You could be inspired, be filled with more happiness and joy, get your priorities in check, manage your time (as in more time for you!!!), get stuff done, stop the struggle and kick overwhelm, chaos, and "bad" habits out the door! 








Does this sound like you?


You easily take hold of the reins and make "some stuff" happen. You may struggle with chaos and overwhelm and "doing all the things" each day, feel a little "stuck" or unclear right now,  and you could use some direction on where you want to go.

Would you like to learn how to tap into your own power, use your intuition, and be the best version of you?

You just may need some help and support in getting there.

Could you use a boost in your confidence, courage and clarity  on what to do next?


Your goals and dreams are always within reach. Sometimes it is our mindset that needs some shifting. You may be wondering if your thoughts, feelings, and words need a little tweaking like a garden needing a little watering. 

You are wanting more prosperity, joy, and abundance (including money and more time for you) in your life.  You'd like to "chunk" down your time spent on other's dreams and goals and make you more of a priority. 

You'd like to do more creating, playing, and leading of your own life and journey.

You just may need some help and support in getting there.

Are you ready to go after your dreams and crush your goals?


You know you can accomplish great things but can't do it all alone. You know you could be more successful if you could just "juggle" better and have a tribe of like-minded women who have your back and cheer you on. 

You'd love to be able to share your wins and gratitude and celebrate other too. 

You want to feel inspired when taking those baby steps that require loads of courage and the ' I go this" mindset!

You may just need some help and support in getting there.

Are you committed to making powerful choices, having forward momentum and elevating your leader within?

Imagine the Possibilities

You can start living your business and personal life reimagined sooner than you think. 

We will write your "next chapter" story, together.

We teach you our proprietary system and help you to put more joy, peace, happiness, abundance, prosperity (including money) in your bank while making more time for YOU.

2023 Power Play Circle Coaching Program designed for you



Tell me more about this "Be in the Room" full-circle amazing Experience! 

You will lock arms and join an intimate and diverse group of like-minded women to collaborate, elevate your leader within, and enjoy a unique bond of camaraderie together.

We will all work together to create a strategic growth plan with a proven step-by-step roadmap.  All of these modules are studied over and over again so that you will be transformed within this experience. You will learn how to be the creator of your reality so that you can make a difference and an impact.

You will learn how to "Ask For What You Want and Get It"!


Accelerate momentum, unlock possibiity thinking and unleash your potential, while gaining unparalleled clarity with one sixty (60) minute weekly group coaching session per week.

Each week, for 3 weeks, we will have one LIVE learning session and on the 4th week, one LIVE co-working session to get the work done in a specified time period. This will allow for you to move forward. You will be fully focused on your dreams and goals with  accountability for your action steps.  

NO. 2 PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP and COMMUNITY GROUP ACCESS to content and fellow cohort members via a phone app.

Gain access to our private Facebook group to gain camaraderie, connections and feedback from other members in the cohort.

AND access to the new mobile app where as a member you can have other members at your finger tips plus access to other incredible women across the globe.


NO. 3 Fast and easy execution with "Done With You" downloadable WORKSHEETS, VIDEOS, & TOOLS ($5,000 value).

Our program includes downloadable worksheets to keep you focused and on track, videos, and other helpful tools and resources. 

BONUS #1: Gift Package to multiply your personal and professional effectiveness and a bonus beautiful journal for your "Leader Within" work.

Receive a complimentary gift package including 3 books and a beautiful journal that I feel are key to your success.

BONUS #2: Nine (9) months FREE membership in Women In Good Company™️ 

Enrollment includes nine complimentary months in Women In Good Company™️.  ($333 value)


You will get access to and additional coaching 1:1 time with Lisa Christine via email. If you pay in full, you get daily "pocket coaching" via the VOXER app allowing for access when those ideas and thoughts pop into your head.  Additionally, you will receive one (1) VIP Coaching Strategy session with Lisa at the beginning, 15-minute laser sessions as needed, and one (1) 30-minute wrap-up call at the end. You choose what works best for you.

* Additionally, all those enrolled in this program will gain access to my contacts, meaning that, when appropriate, I will make personal introductions and recommendations for collaborations and sales revenue opportunities to help and support you in reaching your goals. ($priceless$)



Sarah SmithWholistic Entrepreneur, 
Revolution Wellness

"The Power Play has inspired me to do Facebook Lives and has me stepping out and visible in ways that have me truly operating outside of my comfort zone.  I know that this is where the magic happens and now, I see an acceleration in both my posture and business”

Gail Zona, CEO & Founder, G.Joolz

"Lisa not only encouraged us to think big and ask for what we want, she gave us practical tools and ideas to make it happen.  With her help, I was able to get clarity and feedback on my plans and ideas, launch a new vertical, and find another business owner to collaborate with that could be a financial “win-win". Invaluable!"

Jessalyn Hudgins, Founder, Whole Health Wellness

"Lisa Christine Summerville has had such a positive impact in my life in the short amount of time that I have known her.  When we first connected, she saw something in me that I felt I was lacking.  I was struggling with some inner "worth" and "growth" issues about my career as an entrepreneur. I realized I had imposter syndrome.  I needed to refocus my mindset and energy from lack to abundance and prosperity. She was determined to uncover what was blocking me  and help me achieve my potential.  We determined it was about growth in my career as an entrepreneur.  I needed to overcome imposter syndrome to tap into my highest potential.

I'm so glad Lisa Christine and I connected and told me about the Power Play Circle & Accelerator!  In our weekly circle, I was able to talk freely about my fears, desires and goals without judgement.  I was able to be vulnerable in a small group of women who also had their own issues and insecurities.  It was reassuring to know that none of us were "supposed" to have it all figured out.  We learned we take small steps that get us to the big wins. And that we don't have to figure it all out --- by ourselves. We always had the support of the other women in the Circle.
Lisa's expertise, advice, encouragement and support spoke volumes to her passion as a professional coach where she helps women achieve their highest potential.  I highly recommend investing in yourself and to work with Lisa Christine!"

Lisa Diem Robbins, Principal Interior Designer
Diem Design & Co.

Having over 25 years of experience as an interior designer in both commercial and residential design industry and having most of my focus mainly on commercial projects, I decided in early 2021 that I wanted to begin focusing more on residential design projects.   I knew this would be a big change that would take time, knowledge, and determination to do.  Realizing there were many options in front of me, i.e. retail business, private practice, collaborating with other designers, I wasn’t quite sure which direction I wanted to take.  Unfortunately, I worked myself into a place where I found myself “stuck” in my thoughts.

The Power Play Circle & Accelerator program, which was a 3-month commitment at that time,  is a program that I chose to enroll-in because I knew it would help. I wanted to dive in deeper to discover new possibilities and identify what Lisa Christine calls “limiting beliefs”.  If you have never heard this phrase, a limiting belief could be a thought like, “can I do this?”, “do I have the right amount of money to start a new business?”, and “what do I really want to do?”. During the 3 months, I learned so much about myself and was able to move forward with clarity about my professional vision at a faster pace than I ever thought possible.”  

From beginning to end, the 3-month commitment that I made to myself in joining Lisa Christine’s Power Play Circle & Accelerator will last me a lifetime. If you are hesitating or wondering what you should do, please stop thinking about it, and act upon it! You will greatly benefit from the time and commitment you give to yourself! 

Lisa Christine is magical, smart, insightful, and direct in her coaching, she will help you in ways more than you may even know! LC is truly an amazing business and lifestyle coach who will help move you forward for achieving the goals and dreams you have.”

Sarah Conti, Owner & Designer, Design You Marketing

"I am currently only 4 weeks into Lisa Christine’s Power Play Circle and Accelerator, and I couldn’t be more pleased. In a short amount of time, I’ve gained confidence, set and reached goals, received more sales and prospects, and realized my “leader” within. In the last 2 weeks, I've received two deposits and started conducting Facebook LIVES 3-4 times a week which has supported my business and has led to a new endeavor as well.  The support and advice from Lisa Christine and other Power Play women has made a huge difference in the direction for my business. I'm excited that I made the commitment and investment in this six-month program!"

Watch this video testimonial below from Sarah Conti, Design YOU Marketing 

Watch this video testimonial below from Sarah Smith, Revolution Wellness




Magnify your Mindset™️, crush those goals and be a dreamer all while unleashing the courageous fortitude within.

Join a small, intimate, diverse group of women elevating their leadership, connecting as a sisterhood, striving to shift their internal beliefs, exploring self-discovery, expanding personal and professional growth, and reigniting their mojo.

Start living life with more joy, optimism, and confidence!

This exclusive experience will empower you to harness inner strength, tap into your intuition, and  apply new skillsets.

Reclaim your voice and power with a newfound deep belief in yourself. Infuse these new habits and learning hacks into every aspect of your life as you serve others and make your impact.

Experience aha moments sprinkled with inspiration, motivation, and of course, empowerment.


Enroll in the "Leader Within" Program today

Linda Simpson, Founder & President, Smart Mats Studio & Imagination Network.

"Lisa Christine is an inspiring coach and a dynamic motivational speaker. When she speaks, she exudes a vibrant energy and the room is filled with a passion that can easily be felt. She is also exceptional at networking, sales, and orchestrating unique events and curated experiences. If you are seeking a high-spirited strategic coach or consultant, Lisa Christine is the one who can help author your plan. Highly recommend!"

Chrissy Dolan, Founder & Chef, Badass Brands

"Lisa Christine is a true motivator and leader! She provides resources and connections that are invaluable to growing your business. Whatever you need, she will find a way to help you get there. She is determined and passionate in helping other women to succeed. Lisa goes above and beyond what most coaches do by giving of herself unselfishly with her heart of gold. Trust me when I say, The Power Play Circle will be life changing for you and your business!!!"

Jessica KaloutasLMT, Myofascial Release Therapist, Wellness Educator & Founder, North Shore Myofascial Release

"The Power Play Circle provided me with a space to talk life and biz with other like-minded women which was something I had been craving as the life of an entrepreneur can be lonely at times. The circle helped inspire me to dream big with my business vision and personal growth. I felt more confident to act with accountability and support of my peers in all areas of my life. Helping me be the best version of myself. Lisa is a wonderful coach and group facilitator! She cheered us on and offered support, ideas, and knowledge along the way.”

Mee Moy, Financial Services Professional, CLTC, New York Life

“Lisa will tell you making an investment in the Power Play Circle is making an investment in yourself and she’s right. Meeting other like-minded women to bond with, collaborate with, have as accountability partners and as a safe space for support was invaluable. Lisa Christine was great about keeping us focused on our goals, pressing us to make breakthroughs to get to the next level, and ending our scarcity mindset and moving toward one of abundance and acceptance. As we each traveled our paths towards success, Lisa was there alongside us sharing ideas and being vulnerable, sad, or happy.  We cheered each other on and celebrated our successes. Thank you, Lisa!”

Melinda Abbott, President, Abbott & Company

"Lisa has a contagious, magnetic energy and upbeat persona that attracted me to her and her company, 28 Carrots. She continues to build an impressive community and platform for women entrepreneurs which is commendable. Through events, workshops and her coaching, she creates opportunities for women to connect and be empowered. Highly recommend Lisa Christine!"

Nikki Raffenetti, Managing Partner, Carbon

"With Lisa’s help, I’ve been able to set the right goals and achieve them. More than that, she’s been instrumental in keeping me motivated, focused and excited through all the ups and downs of building a business."


Enroll in the Power Play Circle™️ Today

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Meet Lisa Christine Summerville                            

Leadership Coach & Lifestyle Catalyst


Lisa Christine is a global people connector who thrives on idea generation and playing with passion.  Lisa has amassed and impressive business and personal network, having collaborated and created profitable partnerships in her consultancy as well as her career in the corporte world and as an entrepreneur.  While working for American Airlines, SkyTel, AT&T, and IBM, she was recognized with multiple awards and was always ranked in the top 5% for her performance in orchestrating lucrative sales deals.

In 2005, she received an appointment at MIT leading engagement to strategically build and grow the MIT Startup Exchange (STEX) by matching $1B corporates with MIT-connected entrepreneurs and startups.

Her entrepreneurial spirit set the stage for Lisa Christine to launch Bateau Ventures in 2003 to help her clients generate revenue and increase the visibility of their brand and for over 10 years, she has enjoyed empowering women entrepreneurs as the Founder and CEO of 28 Carrots and


A dynamic and self-motivated entrepreneur, she delivers results and tackles new opportunities with high energy and a contagious enthusiasm. Her out-of-the-box thinking and charismatic personality have been regularly likened to a breath of fresh air. Her optimistic approach, sense of humor, and level head influences her negotiating success. She is an effective spokesperson and skilled at driving market awareness, positioning, and messaging to deliver results. Her desire to creatively express and live on purpose fuels her personal mission to empower, motivate, educate and create.

Igniting curiosity and inspiring others through her humor and motivational speaking, Lisa encourages women to remove obstacles, step up in leadership, and ask for what they want and get it.

Lisa Christine believes in “giving back” and impacting lives. In 2002, her interest in fundraising compelled her to present a series of gourmet food and wine soirees affectionately known as “Mes Amis” to raise money, cultivate sustainable relationships, and facilitate future charitable giving within her local community. She is also very interested in empowering women and ending domestic violence and supports the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center in her local city.

Lisa Christine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from West Virginia University and a Master of Science degree in Communications Management from Simmons College. Her thesis entitled “Successful Leadership in Entrepreneurial Organizations: “The Role of the Intrapreneur vs. The Role of the Entrepreneur” was positively received. Lisa also earned a M.B.A. certificate from the AT&T School of Business and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in General Management; as well as a certificate from Harvard Law School in Negotiation. She is a Certified Coach and a Certified Workplace Learning and Performance Professional through the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

She loves international travel, gourmet cooking, and the playfulness and innocence of her puppy, "Jack Henri". Most of all, she loves any time she can get on the water to sail.